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© 2023 by Morgan Rae Hoog​ 

i want to hear your story.

your voice matters, your experience instrumental in the healing of our world. 

it doesn't matter what your battle is...

show me your heart and i will show you how loved you are. 


write me an email and tell me what weighs your heart down. share the hurt you're navigating, what it feels like to walk through the world as you, your biggest fears, your dearest hopes, your loftiest dreams. i want all of it. 


once you send me your heart, i will send you a handwritten personal poem in the mail to offer hope, encouragement, and love. 

each poem sent out is unique and special to you

and will come with a few sacred gifts 

and reminders to stick in your pocket. 

to learn more head to my journal. 

[all emails and poems will remain confidential]

connection is medicine, your heart a spoonful of honey

will you take my hand? 

S T O R I E S: 

C O N N E C T I O N  I S  M E D I C I N E 

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