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Going plastic free is hard. It takes time and dedication to seek out alternative options and often comes with a price tag. I have made a pact with myself that I will no longer purchase products that come in plastic. Even if it is recyclable. Even if it is BPA free. I will no longer purchase it. This decision is rooted in a committment to the health of my body and the health of the planet and is accompanied by deep reverence for the process of living inside intention.

I make bulletproof coffee everyday and infuse it with adaptogens and healing herbs like ashwagandha and reishi. This is both a grounding ritual and an extremely healing potion that helps get me through the day... and I can't go without it. (Okay, I can. But I don't want to.) For years I have been buying brain octane from the bulletproof brand and it come in plastic. So I set out to do some research and found that there is only one form of purified MCT oil available on the market that comes packaged in glass!! ONE!!

This first swap is amazing because it actually saved me money and is a product that supports multiple different sustainability initiatives.

Natural Force Organic MCT Oil is packaged in recyclable glass with a biodegradable lable. It is certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, paleo, ketogenic, gluten free, and has a quality assurance certification. The MCT oil is C8 which means it only contains the most metabolically active medium-chain fatty acid. This amazing fat converts directly into energy that your body can use easily and will help regulate appetite while it speeds up your metabolism.

It is the best way to start my day and finding a product that lets me enjoy my morning ritual in the most sustainable way possibly is a win-win.

Also, here is my recipe for adaptogen infused bulletproof coffee... because you deserve this in your life.

Blend 8 ounces of hot organic coffee with:

- 2 tbsp organic ghee

- 1 tbsp natural force MCT oil

- 1 tsp. organic SunPotion ashwagandha

- 1 tsp. organic SunPotion reishi

- 1 tsp. organic SunPotion astralagus

Sip, savor, enjoy!

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