taking a sacred pause

There is immense power in surrender. In slowing down. In saying no. In creating space. Letting go. Allowing death to have a place. Breathing life into your lungs with love and intention.

There is power in taking a sacred pause.

A long exhale.

An exaulted period of nothingness.

I have been feeling a desparate need to rebel against the tired narative that we must be mindlessly busy to be successful. That we must be consumed with to-do lists to be evolving or moving in the right direction. I believe wholeheartedly that there is a time to push tirelessly for our passions, our purposes, our dreams... just as there is a time to be persistent in our experience of presence. In our fruitful experience of mindfulness and simplicity.

All this is to say - I took the summer off to breathe and be. And while I am excited to begin sharing my thoughts, rituals, and poems again, it felt amazing to release all of the expectations I hold for myself.

I took a pause this summer that led to the genesis of freedom. I simplified: quiet mornings, simple days, quiet nights. I spent a lot of time in nature. I spent even more time with myself. I learned a lot and I laughed a lot and I spent most of my days cradled in the arms of my loved ones. I whispered affirmations to people who hold my heart and heard them sung back to me. I read books and journaled ferociously. Writing without the intent of sharing it and therfor relinquishing my need to be perfect was liberating. I made no leaps, jumps, or bounds towards my dreams or career but I did take small steps on the walk home back to myself.

Here is the thing: simplifying (for all it's hype and trendiness) is hard. Especially when we live in a world that thrives off of competition, business, and ruthless pursuit of dreams. I was terrified for a moment that pausing to breathe meant I was instantly behind. (Behind who? by the way. I still don't understand yet I feel it deeply.)

When there are a million things to do, I hope you find just one thing to be. Present. And, if you take a sacred pause I hope it bears the juiciest fruit.

Until next time,

here's to the exhale.

the surrender.

the blooming.

the reclamation.

the sacred pause.

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