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Colorado has had the most vibrant and lush summer. The sun reappeared after a long winter and sprinkled the earth with wildflowers and the juiciest peaches. After all the chaos and long days spent in the sun, I have a strong sense that I need to simplify and detox. It is easy to get caught up in a cycle of busy during the summer -- people are running about, the days are longer, calendars are packed with work and play and time spent with family and friends. I love this about summer, but I also feel a pull to just... slow down. I have been infusing my days with slow by waking up before the sun and drinking a cooling, detoxifying, and simple little potion. Join me in creating some sacred space this week... your body and your mind will thank you!


Morning summer sunlight is tantalizing. Glimmering with hope and promised vitality it awakens my body and mind and welcomes me into a new day. Waking up before the sunlight has a chance to slip in through the window so that you can join the day in its awakening is a potent form of medicine. My favorite morning summer ritual is to whip up a simple potion with chilled water, chlorella, and a squeeze of lemon. With my potion in hand, I find a quiet spot to sungaze and meditate. This simple exercize can be done in 30 minutes, but you will carry its inherent peace with you all day long.

Chlorella is incredibly detoxifying and is one of the most powerful supplements you can take to clear heavy metals from your system. Don't think you have heavy metal toxicity? Chlorella also clears our system of environmental pollutants and chemicals found in food. This superfood will give your immune system a boost, lower your chloresteral, and keep your blood pressure in check. It is a complete protein source - meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids and is also a great source of omega 3- fatty acids. This herb is extremely potent on its own, and while you can mix it into smoothies, teas or elixers, I have found it is extremely powerful when I keep it simple.

Mix: 1 teaspoon of SunPotion chlorella with 8 ounces of cool filtered or alkaline water and a half a lemon. The freshly squeezed lemon juice will enhance the detoxification process, boost collogen productionnaturally, and encourage your body to continue the rejuvenation it began during the night. For some extra flavor and detoxification squeeze fresh grapefruit into your potion and enjoy!


Make your potion and then try and find a spot in your house where you can relax as the sun pours in- and maybe even try sungazing. Sungazing, or staring into the sun, is safest during sunrise as you are free from harmful UV or IR exposure. (note: Do not sun gaze for long periods of time or during peak hours of the day. Stick to sunrise when it is most gentle and when you can benefit rather than cause harm. Please listen to your body and be gentle on your eyes) Dr. Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon, says that morning sunlight has been proven to increase our overall feeling of wellbeing. Morning sunlight releases an opiate endorphin and pre-treats the skin to lower inflammation. As you find stillness, sip on your chlorella and gaze into the sun as it rises. Give yourself the freedom to feel any emotion or sensation that surfaces in this space. Once you're finished, allow yourself to flow right into meditation. And, remember: there is no "right" way to do this. Find a position that make you comfortable and relaxed. Create a space that makes you feel held and safe and let what needs to come through, come through.

When we slow down, when we encourage detoxifcation in the body and in the mind, we create space to be more present. To notice the chickadee singing outside. To stop and find reverence for the flowers growing on our street, the late afternoon thunderstorms that quench the earth's thirst, the perfumed breeze. Transformation is birthed in the slow moments, and with the chaos of summer we don't always get the chance to find stillness and presence.

After I meditate, I like to journal anything that came up. If you are struggling with meditating or sungazing, I've included some journal prompts to work though as you sip your detoxifing potion:

1. Take inventory of your thoughts. Write anything that comes up.

2. Name 5 things you are grateful for today.

3. Is there something in your life that you need to let go of so that you can clear space for what you love?

4. Name one thing you could do today to get you closer to your most aligned life?

5. Are your current life patterns bringing you closer to or father away from peace and joy?

Jai ma. May the last bits of summer sun bring you renewal.

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