my philosophy

as i build my personal brand and business, i believe it is so important to define a clear philosophy, mission, or business mantra. this is mine:

i am here for the softening, for the practice of seeing everything that weaves in and out of our lives as a sacred expression of grace. i am an alchemist turning pain into gold dust, leaving light lingering on everything i create.

my definition of love is connection. it is my belief that the highest form of love is full bodied authenticity. that the only way to heal yourself and the community that surrounds you is to find vulnerability despite pain -- this creates a bridge and shows people that they are not, no matter how isolated they feel, ever truly alone.

i am a firm believer in the power of prayer, of giving birth to our aches with the air coming off our lips. that hearing our own voice speak our stories and our pain can cut through the darkest hours of our lives.

i am here to share my story because i know that it brings light and strength to those trying desperately to tell their own. i am here to hold your hand while you do, not because you're broken, but because i see you.i hear you. and i know that it takes a mountain of courage to drop your heart on the table and sometimes we all need some help coping with the weight.

i believe that the meaning we are able to dig out of life is directly proportional to our openness to join the chaos. the be inside the mess. to get our hands dirty. to open ourselves up to the possibility of failure again and again. and. again.

i am here for the ugly. i am here for the not pretty. or glamorous. or "social media worthy."

i am here encouraging you to do the hard work of healing. to take one small step towards reclaiming your life.

i am also here for the joy and the never ending capacity we have to care deeply. to embrace life. full band width. to love people well. to cherish the little moments with the same enthusiasm that we do the big ones.

my philosophy is simple: i want to help people trust their vulnerability and move through pain to find self-acceptance. to find self-love. (the kind of self-love that invites you to stand in your power and say. "Here I am. This is me. I offer value to this world and I will not shrink to accommodate others any longer.") i want to help shift people towards a more loving relationship with themselves so that they can more fully love their community and mother earth. i want to help people re-define wellness and find agency in their own healing. i am committed to bettering our world by creating genuine connection and relationships, because at the end of the day all we have is each other.

with light and acceptance,

morgan rae xx

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