a surrender to adoration

"If we surrendered to the earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees." - Rainer Maria Rilke

I often feel lost in despair when I think about climate change. I think on some level we all do. How do we not harbor fear while we watch forests burning, the earth's lungs black and scorched? How do we not feel deep-seated grief as we watch communities flooded, drowning? It feels cataclysmic. Irreparable. And we have allowed ourselves to sink in these environmental trauma's with acceptance (all be it, terrified acceptance).

I struggle to adequately convey my deep reverence for our earth, and the protection it needs, in this space. My thoughts feel grand, life changing, weighted with gravitas... but fall flat when I transfer them to the page. It always comes out of me with instructional "how-to's." Those posts are important. Education is paramount and I feel a responsibility to share what I've learned and create a space for others to contribute or explore their gifts to the earth. But in my experience... action always comes after reverence. We must love something enough to change our actions that endanger it.

What I am learning as I continue to read, observe, and change my habits is this: pessimism will not save us. It keeps us privy to blind acceptance. We need optimism. A reason to look forward with love and hope. We need to flood our lives with gratitude and cherish things so much that we nurse our bodies, our communities, and our world back to health. There is still vitality here if we have the eyes to see it.

This is just a little pledge to do more. To say more. To use my voice. I hope you follow... and that you use your voice to bring light.

Robin Wall Kimmerer says: "We are so deluged by information regarding our destruction of the world and hear almost nothing about how to nurture it. It is no surprise then that environmentalism becomes synonymous with dire predictions and powerless feelings. Our natural inclination to do right by the world is stifled, breeding despair when it should be inspiring action. The participatory role of people in the well being of the land has been lost. Reconnection of people and landscape is essential. It is medicine."

In the process of trying to change people, fists clenched and tears swelling behind my eyes, I became blind. I've decided to let go and surrender to adoration. It's how I got here in the first place - this intense love for the beauty that surrounds me. We have so much to be hopeful for. We have so much to cherish and share with each other... something I have found is easiest with open hands and an open heart.

in light,


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