a new year's prayer

a new year's prayer for you:

may you soften into every bit of turbulence that disturbs your path. may you see the challenges as gifts, the discomfort as a blessing.

may you have the courage to let go. let go of what no longer serves you, your dreams, or your peace. your intuition knows exactly what habits need to die so that you may be born again. follow it with fierce faith that everything will be okay.

may you step closer to the life you've dreamt of. may you write that book. finish that painting. go on that trip. tell that person you love them. sing that song. may you dance that beautiful dance.

may you allow the truth that has been living in your heart come up and exist in your throat. may you breathe into your life without constriction. may you allow yourself to be exactly who you are yearning to be.

may you fill your life with beauty. may you see the sunrise and feel the sunset. may you fill your home with flowers. or crystals. or plants. or little reminders that you are worthy of beauty, comfort, and supreme joy.

may you rise in the morning with the truth that your walk in this world has purpose. that you deserve to take up space. may you exist in a spirit of continual expansion. may you commit to your eternal growth. may you continue opening even when it feels as if you can't possibly open up any further, trust me: you can. and trust me: you will. may you stay on the path of evolution.

may you harness the courage to share your story with overwhelming vulnerability. may you know that there are people waiting to wrap you up in warm acceptance once you've done this. may you know that your story makes a difference. may you drop your heart on the table with assurance that it will be understood, loved, and cherished.

may you open yourself up to the possibility of great love. love that is altering. love that trickles though you slowly, and changes you surely. may you open yourself up to a love that begins, and ends, with you.

may you be all in. may you know that you're worth it. may you give yourself a chance.

may you soften.

may you bloom.

may you become.

this is my prayer for you for a new year.


morgan rae

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